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The Dolly Series - from Jasmine Sparks

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About Jasmine Sparks

Jasmine lives in Yorkshire, in the north of England, where she grew up steeped in the stories of people around her.  Those people’s lives have percolated through to her writing, forming characters and stories in remembrance of them and the places they lived.

When not expressing creativity through writing, Jasmine makes some pretty appalling attempts at baking - in the hope that one day something might be edible.  Don’t ever accept an offer of cake!  But do follow Jasmine’s Twitter and Instagram feeds to find out more about her baking.  And perhaps  a recipe or two which have worked for other people.

A note from Jasmine:

My atrocious baking probably accounts for why I write so much about cooking and baking in my novels.  It’s my imagination compensating for my lack of practical skills. At least I can relish creating delicious things in my stories.  Whether you’re a superb or superbly-bad baker, you can taste those treats I invent, too, in Dolly and Paris Connections.  Being a Yorkshire ‘lass’, I particularly enjoy writing about Yorkshire favourites, such as parkin: a dark and gooey ginger cake which sticks to your fingers as well as your ribs.  Please take a look at the Baking page before you leave my website and get involved in helping me bake better cakes.  I’d really appreciate your help.