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The Dolly Series - from Jasmine Sparks

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Jasmine Sparks’ books are available from Amazon.  Just click on the book covers to start enjoying the Kindle editions right away.

Book cover - click to link to Dolly by Jasmine Sparks on Amazon.co.uk Book cover - Paris Connections, link to Amazon.co.uk


Dolly Series: Book 1

A Family Saga

Life is never just in your own hands …

When a man and woman come to claim fourteen-year-old Dolly from a London orphanage in 1917, who are they?  What impact will the couple have on her life?

A big story full of intrigue, danger, conflict and romance, putting the reader in Dolly’s shoes on every step of her journey.  Simple survival is never as ordinary as it seems!

A few words from readers in praise of Dolly:

‘I got so engrossed in the characters I felt as though I knew them ... not many books that get me like that’    ‘An excellent first book, couldn’t put it down’    ‘I loved your book’    ‘it was a brilliant story’    ‘What a wonderful book, not quite finished yet but don’t want it to end'


Dolly Series: Book 1

Paris Connections

Dolly Series: Book 2