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White cherry blossom against blue sky

I openly acknowledge that I’m a terrible baker - with as much regret as amusement.  I desperately want to do better.  As part of my efforts to improve, I’d like to share my disappointments and very rare minor triumphs with you, through my Twitter and Instagram feeds, in the hope that your advice and tips will help me.  And any other struggling bakers out there.  There must be hordes of us; I can’t be alone.

While I think I could be one of the worst bakers it’s possible to be, you may disagree.  Are you of an even lower standard of terrible than me?  If you think so, do you dare to share your baking photos?  Post them on my Facebook, or on Twitter and Instagram, and we can compare.  All in the spirit of friendly encouragement.  Show-off bakers are welcome to contribute, too.  Us aspiring pinny-wearers need something to aim for.  Could we each make a showstopper Christmas cake this year?  We could try.  Come on, baking lasses and lads, let’s give it a go!  What have we got to lose?  If our efforts are inedible, the cakes can always be used as aggregate by local builders.  They’d make strong foundations.

Facebook: /AuthorJasmineSparks

Twitter: @J_Sparks_Author

Instagram: @jasmine_sparks_author

Twitter & Instagram: #JasmineSparksAuthor, #worstpiecrustever #cannotevenmakeporridge, #looksbetterwithcompote, #looksbetterwithcustard